Aegisub 3.0.3 Changelog


Fix crash when playing audio before time 0 (#1556)

Round syllable durations to centiseconds when splitting syllables

Save the horizontal zoom correctly (#1597)

Uninvert horizontal scrolling on OS X (#1612)


Fix bug where FloatEdit controls would sometimes not report the selected value (#1610)

Actually select the correct things in the Select Overlaps macro (#1594)

File IO

Give temporary files proper extensions to make it easier to open them when something goes wrong

Show an error message when writing a file fails

Fix reading subtitles from Matroska

Fix a case where unicode characters would result in inconsistent and baffling errors when loading Lua scripts (#1576)

Fix loading non-ascii actor names from plain-text files

Obey the option for setting the number of recently opened subtitle files to remember (#1592)


Disable Ubuntu's global menu bar for Aegisub, since there's a pile of issues with it (#1531)

Use Lua 5.1 when both it and 5.2 are available (1559)


Fix a capitalization error in Info.plist (#1547)

Fix crash when trying to set hotkeys (#1589)

Subtitles Editing

Commit pending audio changes on Enter in the edit box (#1544)


Add Dutch translation

Update Finnish translation

Update Arabic translation


Fix some cases where the detached video dialog would get set to bogus sizes

Add .m4v to the list of video file extensions

Fix loading y4m files

Release mouse capture from the visual tools when the zoom is changed