Aegisub 3.0.2 Changelog


Allow framerate transform to/from variable without external timecodes loaded (#1530)

Honor the configured limits for the find/replace history (#1528)

Fix occassional non-error dialog when running multiple copies of Aegisub


Fix bug that sometimes resulted in later karaoke syllables moving when early ones were modified

Truncate overly long syllables rather than adjusting all of the other syllables to make them fit

Play right-clicked syllables

Fix splitting lines by karaoke (#1541)


Remove dependency on glu

Honor docdir and localedir configuration variables


The Fonts Collector actually works

Add support for 32-bit processors

Styling Assistant

Make it possible to type style names again

Subs edit box

Break undo grouping after 30 seconds of inactivity rather than 10

Switch the Duration field back to time mode when video is closed

Save a single wav containing all selected lines rather than a separate wav for each line with "Create audio clip"

Make pasting lines not horrible slow (#1534)

Subtitles Grid

Make the correct row visible when selecting rows with shift + arrow keys in the grid (#1533)


Fix a few errors in the German translation (#1523)

Update Czech translation

Update Indonesian translation

Update Hungarian translation

Add partial Arabic translation (#1532)