Aegisub 2.1.9 Changelog

This should list all changes in Aegisub between version 2.1.8 and 2.1.9. A few minor things may have been missed, but it shouldn't be anything important.




The Attachments dialogue will now properly set undo points

When closing the Attachments dialogue, any empty attachment sections are cleaned up from the file


Fix a handle leak and a rare deadlock in the DirectSound audio player

Might be a little faster when displaying keyframe markers (pink lines)

No more "You pressed cancel!" pseudo-errors when canceling audio loading


Fix for rare furigana layout issue in karaskel

The append operation for the subtitle object now intelligently appends dialogue lines to the end of the Events section instead of absolute end of file, solving issues with appending dialogue after attachments

Returning selections from Lua macros now works correctly, no longer shifts the selection down by one from the intended

The table.copy_deep function in utils.lua now works as advertised and handles self-referencing tables and circular references

Added new "remember/recall" suite of functions to Karaoke Templater

File i/o

Selecting charset/text encoding after opening a non-Unicode file now properly respects your choice

Added support for writing the EBU STL (tech 3264) subtitle data exchange format

Warn if trying to load a binary .sub file, which is likely a VobSub file (which is not supported)


Changed compilation settings to make the Windows binaries smaller without sacrificing speed or functionality

VSFilter is now linked as a normal DLL dependency instead of dynamically discovered at runtime, using alternative CSRI renderers no longer possible, this should make loading a wrong vsfilter almost impossible

Various input methods on Linux should work more reliably now

Fixed a variety of memory leaks

Help system

The locally installed help would never actually get used when using Help buttons or the Help menu


Fixed a bug where having a hotkeyable item having no hotkey would cause wrong key combinations (try to) activate that anyway


Various changes making it more stable, issues with Kapersky Internet Security 8 should be solved now

The portable version is now (again) a self-extracting RAR archive, rather than an InnoSetup installer

Select Lines

The active line is now always one of the selected lines after using the Select Lines dialog

Shift Times

Made the shift times history display one-based frame numbers when shifting the selection onwards

Spell checker

Updated list of "word separator" characters, meaning punctuation such as hyphens should now behave better

You now get an appropriate message when no dictionaries are installed and you try to spell check

Style Manager

Duplicating a style and renaming the copy no longer gives a rename warning

Fixes to copying styles between storage and script

All controls are now dynamically resized, as a result it is overall a little larger and adjusts size to fit translated texts

Subtitle grid

The subtitle grid now also takes the width of column title texts into account when calculating column sizes, allowing translations more freedom in choice of column texts

Fixed the "clicking near top/bottom of grid selects multiple lines" issue, and other row selection issues

Timing post-processor

The "make adjacent" threshold now has the end of the range be inclusive

Translation Assistant

Fixed a control layout issue on Mac, preventing it from working properly there


Added Polish

Added Farsi (Persian)

Update checker

Fix a possible crash


Canceling FFmpegSource indexing now stops video loading, instead of trying another video provider

Fixed a bug related to first loading timecodes, then loading a video, causing subtitle rendering to break

Video display

Detached mode should work properly (again?)

Zooming video in works correctly again, it no longer compresses the video

As a side effect of the above, there is now no longer a sunken border around the video

The video display was consistently a little too small in each direction, causing blurry display

Other minor optimisations and improvements to error reporting

Fixed minor bugs with opening a new video without closing an already open one

The visual typesetting tools are now hidden when video is playing

Maybe made the OpenGL initialisation for the video display more reliable on poor drivers, might fix issues with some ATI/AMD and Intel driver versions