Aegisub / Spell Checker

To help you with quality assurance of your subtitle scripts, Aegisub features a complete spell checker. It uses the Hunspell library, which is based on's MySpell, which means it's at least as good as one you'd find in a sophisticated word processing program. It can be found in the Subtitles menu -> Spell Checker. It also spell-checks as you type and can to some degree be controlled from the subtitle edit box's right-click menu (see editing subtitles).

The spell checker dialog

spell checker.png

The spell checker dialog will go through all misspelled words it can find in your script. The area in the lower left of the box displays suggestions to replace the misspelled word with; to the right there are a number of buttons:

  • Skip Comments - ignore misspelled words in commented out lines.
  • Replace - replaces the found misspelled word with the chosen replacement. Note that the list box can be double-clicked to do this as well.
  • Replace All - replaces all instances of the found misspelled word in the entire script with the chosen replacement.
  • Ignore - ignores this instance of the misspelled word.
  • Ignore All - ignores all instances of this word.
  • Add to dictionary - adds the found word to the dictionary so it will not be detected as misspelled again. Note that it is currently not possible to remove words added from within Aegisub.

At the bottom of the dialog box there is a dropdown box to choose the spell checker language.


Aegisub comes with a US English dictionary. Installers for many other languages are available on our website. If we don't supply a dictionary for your language, check Mozilla's set of dictionaries, or simply Google for "hunspell <language> dictionary".